American Bully Dog Breeders in Oklahoma

The Great, Great Grandfather

Grand Champion DAX The most sought after American Bully in the world! Sire: Gottyline’s Romeo / Dam: Gottyline’s Barbee DAX is the ideal extreme pocket American Bully. Due to DAX’s popularity as a stud and and ability as a producer of quality Bullies, he has already had a huge impact changing the image of the American Bully. There has never been an American Bully like DAX.

Unfortunately Dax has passed away.

American Bullies

The Grandfather

The Bully Camp Line’s Mr. Miagi. This Dog has gain a vast deal of popularity in the American Bully Community. Exotic American Bullies such as Miagi are 50% The Bully Camp Line and 50% Razors Edge.

American Bully Bloodlines

The Father

Daxagi a mr.miagi son he is a nice producer one of the biggest head on the game bone structure the total package one of the best mr. miagi best sons out there.

American Bully Stud in Oklahoma

The Son for Stud

GORDO BOY JENRO JR. A pocket american bully lovely boy lookin for a date he is open for stud come and get this dax and miagi combo.  Gordo is located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  

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